25 дек. 2013 г.

Lonely Mapl

Свежий релиз на Republic Street. Три вкусняшки под названием Lonely Mapl.
Autumnal mood, November wind, the smell of coffee from the cafe and a “Lonely Maple” on Republic Street. Alexei Scutari again with us and with his wonderful music. Immerse yourself in the sounds of the autumn air, feel the touch of music to your ears and just rest with a cup of coffee. Another remix by Nikolay Mikryukov has chill out style and all in the same beautiful sound that absorbs you into a world of calm and reflection. Atmosphere music make you feel all the emotions that wanted to give Alexei Scutari and Nikolay Mikryukov in their work. Enjoy every instantaneous this music alone, with their loved ones or friends. www.beatport.com