5 мар. 2014 г.

Postcards Of Memories 002

Makira Records presents VA : Postcards Of Memories 002

Label : Makira Records
Catalog : #MKR024
Release : 24th February @ Exclusive Beatport
Previews : http://soundcloud.com/makirarecords/s...

14 Exclusvie Track's :

1.Earthwalker -- Earthwalker
2.Tom Lue -- Nonlinear
3.ReDub -- The Last Memories From Grosswardein
4.Dunkan -- Cream
5.Takaki Matsuda -- Mami Smile
6.Vince Forwards -- Chasing Dreams
7.Alexei Scutari -- Dacia
8.Mizar B -- Evening Walk
9.Squeezer Of Tears -- These Little Things
10.Gary McDonald -- Nothing To Lose
11.Solarbeam -- 1989
12.Crammarc -- Away From Her
13.Simon Groove & Luca Dean -- Falling Stars
14.DJ Massymo Tn -- Until The End

Makira Records are delighted to bring you the second installation of our Postcards of Memories series. This release brings together some of the greatest talent in the progressive scene currently with fourteen outstanding tracks. The first edition has gained huge appreciation! It's time for Postcards Of Memories 002 - so another bunch of "melodic postcards" from around the world!
Earthwalker brings us a soulful chillout mix of his track "Earthwalker". This track opens a path whereas the melodic postcards. Tom Lue has created an elegant melodic masterpiece with his track "Nonlinear". An ideal proposal of Tom takes you to a world that itself will create after closing the eyes. ReDub brings us a joyful uplifting piece in the form of "The Last Memories From Grosswardein". Dunkan packs a strong bassline, chunky beats and 80's inspired synths into his track "Cream". Takaki Matsuda combines sweet progressive plucks and quirky percussion in his track "Mami Smile". Vince Forwards treats us with a soulful piano driven work of art in the form of "Chasing Dreams". "Dacia" is a gorgeous, melodic piece by Alexei Scutari with a great vocal sample. "Evening Walk" by Mizar B captures a jubilant, classic melodic prog vibe from Poland. Squeezer Of Tears brings an exquisite chilled vibe with the track "These Little Things". Gary McDonald brings us strong emotions and lush melodies in his track "Nothing to Lose". Track number 11 is a beautiful, delicate production of manual page straight from France -- Solarbeam. Flowing melodies, show the soul of the artist and his passion for music, which is shown in "1989". Crammarc blends lilting guitars, keys and a beautiful vocal to lavish effect in the track "Away From Her". "Falling Stars" is a shimmering chime-laden beauty by Simon Groove & Luca Dean. DJ Massymo Tn prepared for you a bit more powerful sound that in some parts may resemble trance production. And this all in "Until The End" .

We're sure you'll agree this is a fantastic pack, full of beautiful tunes. We hope it gives you as much pleasure as it does us and we look forward to your support. Hear on the next compilation "Postcards Of Memories" .

The album will be embossed in the form of DigiPack 6P (2x CD Audio)
It will be available for purchase not long!